Weird behavior while deploying to android.

This all started yesterday. Sometimes when i deploy build to android device (shield tablet) game on device is not updated, it reports build and deployment complete then it runs old package. Manually uninstalling it from tablet does does not update to new version. After next deployment i am getting old build again.

I tested it many times and i am sure its something with cooking or packaging. Even after i run game in editor or standallone and it shows that it has new version (for eg. print some value that i just addaed), android version still has old build.

It lasts until i close editor and reopen it.

Ps. I will check it for ios soon and i add info about it here

i heard weird behavior on android development its usual thing, some stuff just doesn’t work as intended

But its fault of something in unreal packaging process.
I think this also happened to my ios device, i am just not 100% sure, did not pay attention to ios atm, i was focusing on finding reason for this on android.