Weird Behavior Tree after reopening project.

So I have been trying out BehaviorTree, everything works fine and is named correctly when I create and save the Behavior Tree. After I close my project and open it up again I get strange naming of Tasks I have added. I have a task called BTStart_Attack, when I reopen the project in the behavior tree the task is now named REINST_BTStart_Attack_C_1. So if I run the BehaviorTree the project crashes. I can remove it then add it again, and it works once again till I restart the project.

Hi DarkHorror,

Would you please make a post here so we can better assist you? Thank you and have a great day!

I made a post about this issue on the answer hub, here: Custom behavior tree services & tasks not working after editor restart - AI - Unreal Engine Forums

It has several confirmations but no answers, and this post is the only other reference to the issue I can find. I’m hoping a little bump can give it some visibility, thanks!

I found out what the problem was and how to fix it a few weeks ago. The problem is created when trying to access other objects and object variables in your Task or other behavior tree type blueprint. All you need to do to fix that is simply add those objects to your blackboard and access them through the blackboard rather than trying to do it directly.

Oh nice, thanks for the workaround!

I need access to an array variable though and blackboards don’t seem to support that… :frowning: