Weighting differences between Maya and UE4

Hey Guys,

I seem to be having an issue with the weighting on my characters when exported from Maya. I’ve double checked that the influences are reasonable (max 4) and everything seems to check out, however in Unreal 4 when my fingers bend I am getting really nasty warping. This is not happening in Maya, nor if I export from UE4 FBX and animation then reimport into Maya. So I am not sure what is causing this in UE4, any clues?


hard to trouble shoot that from here, but I’d wager its not a weighting issues as much as bones are moving/shifting position when in unreal. Maya is also smart about importing things it made, so thats not a great check for issues.

did you bake down the animation from an anim rig to a bind rig?
did you clean up your rig before export? (meaning no extra things in the rig?)
did you make the skeleton yourself?

Hey Guys,

I got it figured out, it was all in the re-targeting settings on the skeleton. Some joints were set to animation instead of skeleton. If you come across this issue, check this help page:

The take away was this:
Root Bone, IK Bones, weapon bones, and any kind of markers will use the Animation mode.
The pelvis will use AnimationScaled so it sits at the right height and is still animated. And any other bone you want translation to be animated and retargeted should also use AnimationScaled.
All other bones will use Skeleton. They will use the static translation from the target skeleton.