Weight reduction

Hi. I want to create an item that grants weight reduction when I used it. Like a backpack for human. I see that there are already mods that implements this: so is posible.
Any ideas how to do it? Thanks in advance. Sorry about my english.

I don’t know for absolutely sure, but I believe they use a ‘buff’ when the item is equipped. Try opening up an item already created that gives a buff and see how they did it.

Yes. I researched the consumables blueprint and found the buffs. There is none of weight: but I will go testing. Thank you!

What about in like the anky or doed bp. I know they have the buffs, although they are specific to certain items, but it might lead you in the right direction!

I found it! I based myself on buff from creative mode and found that you can increase as percentage statistics. and it works perfect!

I leave a link for you to see screenshots: Steam Workshop::Accessories Plus - Open Source

Ty for the help! Sorry about my english.