Weekend Project - Doom 3 Kitchen

Hi everyone!
I decided to take a little break from Caffeine today to start a little passion project, a recreation of the Kitchen from Doom 3!
So here is the progress so far :slight_smile:

Put the arcade machine that was in the left corner, please. : )

Haha I was planning on it :slight_smile:

Added some early materials and starting to get the lighting where I want it :slight_smile:

I have decided that this will be a very accurate recreation, and may release it afterward, it is something I can work on while caffeine lighting builds :stuck_out_tongue:
Progress on the best part of the scene hehe

The Arcade machine is now in engine :slight_smile:

fast progress and looks nice, good job!

Thanks mate,
Main structure is almost there now :slight_smile:

Everything is coming along nicely :slight_smile:

been a long while now, but i decided to resurrect my little project and I have now revamped the lighting, its all dynamic DFRT shadows now :slight_smile:

More pics at http://imgur.com/a/QPEm6

Fantastic work! More! :slight_smile:

Awsome work.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: haha I will work more on it soon :smiley: i have this, Caffeine and a day job to deal with hehe… also a secret project :wink:

Nice work… can’t wait to see the final product!

This looks great! Just make sure you add duct tape and a flashlight to add to your weapon! :wink:

haha will do! :slight_smile: