Websites very slow

Since a week loading times are very bad for me, all other websites are fine. Accessing the site from Germany.

Same here it’s very slow…

Hi unit23 & matop,

Is this only on Answer Hub or is it happening with other Unreal sites like the following ones:


Are you located in Germany as well, or another region where you’re noticing the slow load times?


Can you also do the following so that we have the information we need to look into this further?

  • If on Chrome, open a new tab, press F12, switch to the “network” tab
  • Load
  • Note the “Load” time at the very bottom
  • Take a screenshot of the Network tab
  • Switch to the Console tab and take a screenshot of that too.

Can you also grab a screen shot from the following page:

Thank you!

Hi Tim,

I’m not getting any problems on Answer Hub but the and are very slow have to wait like minute or two before they are loaded. Same thing with my phone and tablet. All other sites are working well.

My location is Finland.

Got better in past few days, issue seems gone. Before it affected all Unreal sites (Market, Forum, Answers