Website Stylized Demo Download Link Broken For Linux Demo's Webpage

On the Linux Demo’s Website Link:

This Stylized Demo Download Link is Broken:

Hey KnightTechDev-

I have entered a report (UEDOC-2808) to have the links updated. If you’re able to download the project on another machine (such as one running Windows) you can copy the project over to your Linux computer if necessary.


Any progress on this one ? The link is still broken…

Hey -

The games / demos shown on the wiki page are community projects submitted by various community members. The individual who uploaded the demo originally would need to re-upload the project to fix the link.

It seems the entire site worth of download links is broken, and the ‘’ shows a Debian default page. did someone just break the apache vhost structure, or did you guys let the box expire and some brand new server is responding a default html page going “wtf m8” in its stead?

Where did every single download go?

Hey mystica555-

The link you mentioned as well as many of the demos on the page KnightTechDev mentioned are provided by a community member Raxxy. Since things posted to the community wiki are maintained by the community, it would be up to Raxxy to update the links/pages.