Website on a plane? Is it possible?

Pardon the newbie question but Is it possible to display a website on a plane?

this might help you, there is a fair bit of info on the net about it

Thank you. I will take a look at it i found a few Youtube videos and so on, almost have it but i think version differences are throwing me off.

Thanks again !

Now, I was able to get this to work last ngiht thank you. But now, how would i have the sound come through, like a youtube video playing in game from this mesh? Any thoughts on that?

I was up will 4 am last night trying to find info on that although it may be because im new and dont know the right terms.

figured this out as well.

Thank you @ixicalibur !

you’re welcome! you did all the work! all i did was hopefully point you in the right direction

Hi Pepcfreak,

I would appreciate if you could share how you solved your issues with the community. :slight_smile:

If I knew exactly how I did it… I would lol. It was dumb newbie luck.