[WEBSITE] Is RSS Feed Broken?

Hi Epic,

Is the RSS feed broken on the UE website, in the News section Feed - Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine - News, Developer Interviews, Spotlights, Tech Blogs is the feed link)?

I just noticed that posting there are now filtered under categories News, Events, Interviews, Spotlight, Tech Blogs. Maybe this change was around before, but I generally use the RSS feed for all the news content and don’t visit the site often (except the forums here). Have not received many updates on other categories either.

It would be very helpful if the feed included all of the categories from above, personally I don’t mind getting it all in one.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the report. We are looking into it.

I got an new item in RSS today about February free content, so it looks like it’s working again.


Yaa it was an problem,but it has now been fixed…Cheers.

Could you pleas check on the Unreal Engine - News, Developer Interviews, Spotlights, Tech Blogs again? For some reason it started to feed incorrect entry links and the page itself no more renders as a correct atom feed by the browser.

Would you mind trying again? We’ve done a few updates and I believe it has been fixed. If not, which browser are you using?