[WEBSITE] GameSiteTracker - free website for your game project!

Hello unreal devs,

I want to present you a website that I was working on the last month. This is a template type of website, which can be suited for every (well almost) game project. The website is being built with the latest Microsoft technology ASP.NET MVC Core RC2. I decided to pick as it’s faster than PHP (IMO) and C# has a lot more possibilities to build a website in a better way to support it’s code.

The project is split in several sub projects and allows easier modification to the code without being lost too easy.

Name: GameSiteTracker (don’t ask why I named it like that, I had no other idea for names :D)
Technology: ASP.NET MVC Core RC2
GitHub: link
ETA: Released!!

You can see the planned features on the github page. Any suggestion on improving the website are welcome as well as critics. Ask anything if you have questions.

Here are some images from the website:
Link to imgur, because when I tried uploading images, a database message error was displayed… sorry :frowning:

I’ve setup the website in such a way that the first time it’s started you can run a super admin user is created with specified username and password.

Thanks for your time reading it and tell me if it would be useful for you!

Great work :smiley:

Is this avaiable to use in our games for free?

@tx2line Thanks!
@Eden91 Yes! It’s absolutely free, no royalties no nothing. Use it free.

looks very cool , thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

This tool looks awesome! I will definitely keep it in mind for future uses!

One thing though, in your footer, the website you link does not appear to exist? (http://leviathangame.ddns.net/)

@Young_Wolf I have a question for you maybe you can help me?

In the webrowser widget I linked a webpage with some wallpapers in my game for my players to download but with the widget when I press in download button nothing happens its like the web browser widget cannot tell the computer to start a download process… so…

Do you know how can I fix this?

@Eden91 I can help but let’s not discuss it here, I will PM you :slight_smile: