WEBINAR: Using Unreal Engine for visualization, 2 of 4 in a series

Join visualization specialist Fabrice Bourrelly and learn how to create high-quality architectural design experiences using Unreal Engine.

In this second of four webinars, Fabrice will give you a practical guide for getting started with the engine. From data prep in tools like 3ds Max to lighting, materials and VR in Unreal Engine, as well as a preview of research we are doing to streamline workflows, this webinar will help users new to Unreal Engine get up and running quickly.

Tuesday, June 20


Are these webinars posted on the unreal youtube channel afterwards?

Not quite yet (still working out some technical issues with the system we use for the webinars). However, anyone that attends does get a replay link for their use or for sharing.

Ah ok, usually all these things are on during the night in my timezone so i don’t get to join them xD

You’ll get a glimpse of Project Nile in this webinar

I’m really looking forward to this, thanks!

It’s happening today, I hope everyone could experience it.

Thank you for this :wink:

Great seminar! Would you please upload the Q&A portion as well? I had a question answered by Fabrice that I would like to re-watch thanks!

Glad you enjoyed. I do not know if it is possible to do what you ask. By now, you should have received the replay link. If that doesn’t show the Q&A portion, then I don’t think we have that feature (yet).

It has been awesome, as the Fabrice course, but what really really impressed us and has been breathtaking was the tech preview at the end where Chris Murray showed us a super secret pipeline from a 3dsmax+Vray scene direct to UE4. Pixelated dialog boxes where nobody could read paramters and so one. Great hopes for the future…

Yes, glad you liked that part. See the “Project Nile” thread on this forum…

Unfortunately I missed it.
Could someone please share a VOD of the webinar?

Replay link

Very interesting Webinar !

Our workflow is pretty similar (we do use a lot of max scripts like TsTools and SteamRoller, but also custom ones to rename objects since Revit FBX exports are such a mess…), which is reassuring considering the quantity of work needed to translate CAD to UE4 (and even more with VR !).

I’m also pretty excited to see what you have in your bag with Project Nile and will be present for July 13th’s webinar. :slight_smile:

Still no youtube link to the 2nd webinar? Difficult to watch on ‘Webinarjam’ no user controls to the player. ‘Webinarjam’ seems to be a difficult and cumbersome software.

Sorry about that. We are still learning about how to use Webinarjam. This may be a limitation for now.

How to Host Webinar through a You Tube Live Event/Google Hangouts