Webinar questions

So many questions…
I’ve signed up for the Weds Twinmotion webinar. I saw a note on the form that said to “stay after for Q&A” I thought I might create this tread to gather some questions/requests. Here are mine:

  1. What ever happened to the UE Bridge? I so need this.

  2. TM needs alpha channels. I make videos mostly, and I tend to tweak everything in After Effects. I bet I am not the only one. Any sign of alpha channels coming?

  3. TM desperately needs some way of adjusting pivot points. Maybe it’s in there and I have not found it. So frustrating to have the gizmo at the origin and the object not-- and no way to fix it

  4. I often need screens with video playing. I found a work around to import video and play, but it plays way to fast in renders. I found a work around for that as well by taking the video into after effects and slowing it down 300%. But this seems dumb to me to have to do this. Any better solutions?

  5. I tend to work with large scenes and often I have to make changes to the model and reimport. Which screws up my materials in TM. Is there a workflow to keep that work? I feel I spend hours reapplying materials.

  6. An export with materials would be nice, but I would settle for #1](Sign Up | LinkedIn) on my list.

As for #1 maybe we will see this is November when the paid version is to come out. As the others time will tell.