Webcam/Photo of provided face for MetaHumans

Hey Epic,

When will you have the ability to upload an image of a face from a photo or via webcam, and then apply it to a meta human?

Think a feature like this would be awesome.

Please let me know your thoughts on it.

Keep up the excellent work and a big thank you for what your providing to the community =]

Headshot - Photo to 3D Face Generator | Character Creator

I was just thinking about this yesterday, something like Reallusion Headshot but for Metahuman Creator. I think Metahumans are compatible with Reallusion iClone. I wonder if there is any way to get from there to here?

Looks most cool.
It appears it needs to used in conjunction with iClone.
Wouldn’t mind giving it a go, can’t see from their website, how to just get the 2 packages together.

  • So, ok, character creator and head shot for $299.00.
    Not sure at mo, if you need iClone too.
    Could you confirm, please?

Just for information, this can be done with ‘Quick Edit’ in Blender’s Texture Painting mode, lets you paint textures in your favorite external drawing app (PS, Gimp, Krita…) and it’s free.

Thank you, emayan.