Webcam as media source


I have a problem when i try to use my webcam as media source. I tryed with integrated webcam of my laptop and with an usb webcam but i have the same result, black screen as shown in the iamge below. i floowed that official guide Playing Live Video Captures | Unreal Engine Documentation but it does not work. Can someone help me? Could it be a windows problem which denies permission to access the webcam to unreal?;base64

Not sure what the exact issue is, but I can offer a suggestion to try as a work around. I ran into the same issue using a thunderbolt video input that would show up fine as a web cam in other apps, but not in Unreal.

My work around was to install NDI Connect (Free) to convert the video feed into an virtual (NDI) video source, then used the NDI SDK Unreal plugin (also free) to display the video in Unreal through its NDI Receiver features. Here’s a YouTube video providing an overview of the setup, with links to the downloads and detailed tutorials on setting up the NDI plugin and receiver.

Hope this helps.

Yes, that worked with me! Thanks a lot!