Webcam and Capture card compatibility?

So the new media framework stuff in 4.18 allows for capturing from webcams and capture devices. While I got my own device to work (Black magic intensity pro) I’ve had some friend test my packaged thing and while their devices do show up they don’t really work or ever show anything on screen.

Is the a list of devices know to work? Anyone else had success getting their camera or capture cards to work? It a bit hard to test myself with only the one device and all.

Answer hub with hardware specifics Live video capture/Webcam compatibility - UE4 AnswerHub

Curious how did you get your BMI to work?

My BMI, BMI4k, and Decklink 12g don’t work. They show the BMD driver, but not the Decklink drivers that you actually want to use.

It just kinda did. UE4 only sees the BMD driver and not the decklink driver in my case too.

I only have an old Wii for testing capture ATM. But it seems to work fine for that. Only thing I did was use obs to get to the WDM settings thing to set it to the correct format that the Wii was outputting but that’s not really related to UE4.

How exactly did u get it to work?
How did you acess the wdm settings?

actually, did u get it to work in UE?

I used obs studio to assess the wdm settings. Once it was working in obs it worked in UE4. I don’t know how one would go about accessing it through UE4.

Is it Intensity pro or intensity pro 4k?
i’m struggling with intensity pro 4k and no luck.
Works fine in OBS though…

Its the “Pro” (not the 4k).

What are you getting to work in obs? If its “BlackMagic Device” from add source, thats not somthing that would work with ue4. Try adding a “Video Capture Device” to OBS then selecting “Blackmagic WDM Capture” if its listed there. I dont know if thats at all possible with the intensity pro 4k. If it is listed there then click “Configure Video” and set it to match the source of the video youre capturing from. The video feed should then show up in obs. At that point try it in UE4 again.

This is all assuming it possible and works the same as my card. (it just might not work at all)

Sorry for late reply. my internet is down.

I got hold of an hdmi device and tried it with my BMIP. I cant remember the exact error but what ever format the BMIP is using isn’t supported. Before i only had a Nintendo Wii and was capturing through composite. So the reason it work was because composite-in capture uses a different format than the hdmi-in.

I’m looking around for another capture device that would work. I’ll post if i find anything.

Hey - did you manage to get this to work?

i am having similar issues but this time with Blackmagic and with Magewell…