webbrowser widget quality problem

Hi, I am using webbrowser widget but I cant read even the characters. I dont know if it is my mistake or because of webbrowser widget is still under development, Is there any way to increase quality? Or Zooming the widget?

The problem is the characters are grey on this site, is there any chance to increase the general contrast or increase the power of black colors only?

I coudlnt find the quality settings but I found the solution for over brightness. Created a post process volume which is close to widget, then I make gamma values r=2, g=2, b=2 and w=0,1. And now it works like a charm! SO; The gamma values of the widget is different than general render gamma. To fix it my solution is increase the size of rgb channel but decrease the white. I hope it will be helpful for others also.

I’m having the same issue with the latest build 4.18 and can’t make this workaround work for me.
I still have a web browser with incorrect gamma.

You are dealing with a gamma issue. needs to be flipped to 2.2, This is a work around https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/706152/web-browser-plugin-color-in-srgb-when-3d-widget-ex.html