WebBrowser doesn't scale page

WebBrowser in UE 4.14 doesn’t scale page to fit viewport like in UE 4.13

Hello gameDNA studio,

This is a known issue. I have provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates. Thank you for your time and information.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-37710)

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Any temp fix for this? Really need this function to start working again

Previous comment removed. Tested in wrong engine version.

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In 4.14.2 it still occurs as I noticed on my computer…

Yes, still for me also, its with 14.2 i tested it with

Yes, still doesen’t work for me, its with 14.2 i tested it with

Hello FortuN,

I ran the test again and realized that I had opened the wrong project. The project I was using was 4.13. I will be editing my original post to correct it. You are correct, the issue is still happening in 4.14.2. I have no workarounds currently for this issue.

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Why it was rescheduled to 4.16? So it 4.15 Preview 1 it’s still broken…

We are also affected by this bug. Would love to know if/when there is a solution that can be integrated.

Hello Lauren.Hetu,

If you take a look at the link provided you will see that the current targeted fix for this issue is 4.16. I have that this information helps.

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+1 Same problem here, I really can’t downgrade my project back to 4.13, so I’m stuck :frowning: Well let’s hope that it can be fixed soon, thanks!

It looks like the web browser widget is simply not respecting scaling, including DPI scaling. For those of you who are building from source, here is my workaround:

WebBrowserViewport.cpp : 24

// Multiply the local size by the geometry's scale.
FVector2D MaxPos = AllottedGeometry.AbsolutePosition + (AllottedGeometry.GetLocalSize() * AllottedGeometry.Scale);

CEFWebBrowserWindow.cpp : 1293

// Multiply mouse event position to match scaled CEF space.
FVector2D LocalPos = MyGeometry.AbsoluteToLocal(MouseEvent.GetScreenSpacePosition()) * MyGeometry.Scale;

I have not tested with the iOS or Android browsers, so I don’t know if they are broken or how this change would affect them.

Hope that helps!

Hi Sorrien, Please see https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/3413 for the fix that was integrated by Epic to resolve this issue and will hope fully be in 4.16. You can also see the PR and the actual commit that went into the engine from the issues page linked above. Hope this helps,