Web UI (HTML/CSS/JS Interface Widgets)

If you want money for this plugin than sell it on Unreal Marketplace, thats all.
Youre sharing this plugin for free than soo what is your problem to help community?
You don’t have to be rude…

First off, I edited my post before you replied. Second, since you’re still responding to my original post that isn’t there now, I find it crazy how in my original post I literally said that this plugin was on the marketplace 6 years ago and stated that “it cannot be sold on the marketplace because you cannot have plugins that depend on other plugins” and yet that’s apparently too complicated for you to figure out. Oh really? Sell it on the marketplace? Wow what a genius idea dude, that never occurred to me!

And you wonder why we don’t care to help anyone anymore. It’s like, how do people like you even figure out how to download and use this engine in the first place. There’s just no way.

Yeah, you edited your first reply because you’re trying to sell me a free plugin for 100$.
I was just looking for help and what you doing is just mad replying.
If you dont care anymore to help people than close this topic for comments…

Wouldn’t it be better to just answer “Hey, if you want any help, you need to buy our plugin for 5$ on our site”…

Hey @spidershift,

I would like to buy WebUI plugin but when I try to click on the Buy button on your website there is an 302 error on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub and website is redirecting me to main page of orders Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

FYI: I am logged in, connected github account to epic

Here you have a picture with a network details of this request

Can you check it? Thanks a lot!

Hey Hey Hey @spidershift

Went to snag the paid version as well and having the same circular issue as @szmski above. Everything is connected with Github, we’ve downloaded from there in the past and can see my Git Name in the /orders/ pages but just says empty and no option to purchase after clicking the Buy Now.

Was going to donate once we were ready for release but this is a-ok so now or later, all good in our book! Thanks for all the hard work…UMG just sucks and webviews rock!

Hey @spidershift , I cant buy anything on your website, it redirects me to the orders page that says : “You do not have any order history…” I’m logged in with GitHub and git is connected to my epic account

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Hey @Aricwithana and @juliusD, sorry you’re having trouble with the website. There’s a special check that requires GitHub accounts to be linked to the Epic Games network before receiving full access to order and download. However there apparently was an issue where it was not detecting this for some accounts.

This problem has since been fixed, and you shouldn’t have any more issues. We’ve also included our contact information on the orders page in case you run into any other problems.

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seek help:LogWebInterfaceBrowser: Error: Accelerated CEF rendering selected but OnPaint called. Disabling accelerated rendering for this browser window.

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Hi @spidershift
I wanted to use the plugin on a mac and wasn’t able to get it running. I used the free_trial versions provided under the git. I tried to add them to the plugins folder (both the projects as well as UE 5.1) but as soon as I started with those files in there I wasn’t able to launche the project anymore.

I also tried to compile the plugin manually in order to get binaries for Mac but that didn’t work either as only Win binaries were created.

I was wondering if you could help me with this. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as I think this plugin can give me access to many of the text features available in html5.
best regards

Hey @DavidRiez the downloads on GitHub only include trial versions for the Unreal Editor on Windows. There are no Mac binaries provided. I’m not sure how you tried to manually compile the plugin because there is no source code provided in the trial downloads. You will need to get the source code from our website. After that you can follow the instructions at the end of the documention for the Rocket command to build the plugin. Don’t forget to edit your .uplugin file so it only has the platforms you want to compile for, which again is detailed in the documentation.

Hi @spidershift ,
thanks for the quick reply. So, if I understood you correctly that means the trial version doesn’t work on mac but the paid version does? And there is also a description how to build the plugin for the mac editor in said paid version?

  • I have the same problem!~~~ [support me]

LogWebInterfaceBrowser: Error: Accelerated CEF rendering selected but OnPaint called. Disabling accelerated rendering for this browser window.

WebUI Plugin is enabled , The page can be loaded but the rotor page cannot be jumped .

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No offence. Just want to know what happened before I pay.
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The plugins have been updated for 5.3 on both GitHub and our website…

WebUI - 5.3 - 5.2
JsonLibrary - 5.3
HttpLibrary - 5.3

There are also some updates worth noting:

  • the pak:// scheme has been removed and replaced with a http://game.local/ domain listener instead
    • this fixes an issue with local font files not loading due to CORS restrictions
  • the Accelerated Paint setting has been disabled by default due to the CEF not supporting this feature in DX12 (so we will have to wait for a significant CEF update)

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I’m getting clang++ duplicate symbol errors when trying to package a project on Ubuntu.

ld.lld: error: duplicate symbol: CefLogSeverityToWebBrowser(cef_log_severity_t)

Apparently defined in CEFWebInterfaceBrowserWindow.cpp and Module.WebBrowser.cpp.
Using the latest version of the plugin for 5.2 on Ubuntu 20.04.
I just put the plugin into my projects Plugins folder.
Did I miss anything? Do I need to built the plugin or the engine from source?