Web services in Blueprints?

Is it possible to call a REST or SOAP web service from a UE4 blueprint?

Hm, you can always make C++ function BlueprintCallable. So if you have something that “only” runs in C++, you can make the functions BlueprintCallable and use them in your Blueprints.

Maybe this helps you (:

I want to get a solution, also!

You can use the VaRest plugin on the market and call your web service. I’m using it and it very usefull. I have a dedicated server where player have to log in so with the Varest Plugin you can communicate with your data base server.

Thnx! But VARest works only with the JSON objects. I need the SoAP client implementation with XML objects inside.

VARest and SOAP are two completely different types of web services. VAREST is based on the REST Web Service, which stands for Representational State Transfer. SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. While RARest does not appear to support XML, REST web services generally do, and are set to do so by default in many frameworks. Thus, the XML exposure/consumption of SOAP and REST is not what differentiates them. A list of differences between the two can be found here: https://smartbear.com/blog/test-and-monitor/understanding-soap-and-rest-basics/

Generally speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages from using either or. But, they are clearly not compatible with each other. As of the current date of this post, I do not believe Unreal Engine 4 has any support for SOAP. However, C++ does. If you learn to code in C++, you can quickly add in a C++/SOAP framework, and build an object for Blueprints to call on. I’m not native to C++ (I’m Java). But, a quick google search pulled up this option as a C++ framework. http://axis.apache.org/axis/

Hope this helps.