[ Web-Service ] Epic Marketplace Sales Report → Table

**Hi! **

I’m a Marketplace seller and official Sales Report always confused me, that much, so I decided to make a small Python script, which does all calculations with money and grouped results by month.

Implemented logic:

  1. variables for old(70%) and new(88%) percentage
  2. Epic Refund Day = (01, July, 2018)
  3. all your deals would be refunded(with the next payment) after that date accordingly
  4. it looks at the balance at the end of the month
  5. if it >= $100 you will get time delta +45 days
  6. and will show you approximate date of payout
  7. (without correction for a weekends or paypal transaction time)

So here is a link:

and this is a test-link, to make sure what is it and how it looks like:

btw service doesn’t store your data, check out the source:

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to open pull request or chat with me in the discord :wink:

Some caveats:

Epic’s doesn’t allow you to get report that the date range exceed 18 months, so you’ll have to manually concatenate the CSV’s from of your reports with schema like this: