Web Remote Control not updating in editor

I’m working on a controller using the remote control API, so far so good. Calls using /remote/object/call are working well in the editor

but calls to the remote/preset API are not updating. Interestingly the property in the NewRemoteControlPreset & the Location property on my sphere actor is updating in the editor ( i can see the values changing), but the Actor itself is not moving until I change something else on the Actor or press play/stop (forcing an update).
Here is my call:

"Url": "/remote/preset/NewRemoteControlPreset/property/Relative Location (Sphere_4)",
"Verb": "PUT",
"Body": {
      "X": valX),
      "Y": valY),
      "Z": valZ)

is there something that I am missing that causes the editor to update when a Remote Control preset is changed?