Web Remote Control not responding in Game (only in editor)


I followed this tutorial:…art/index.html

Everything works fine in the editor and I was also able to apply this to meshs position - so i can change its location with the the remote control.

But when I run this in play mode, the remote control does not update anything, it only updates in the editor as soon as I stop the game preview.

Any Ideas?


You are probably using the editor UWorld path. In editor, there is always a UWorld editor. When you enter play mode, this editor UWorld is copied in a temporary game UWorld that will be destroyed once you exit play mode. the game UWorld has a different path than the Editor world.

For example, to access a light in editor I use this path :

    "objectPath" : "/Game/VprodProject/Maps/Main.Main:PersistentLevel.Sunlight.LightComponent0"

and to access the same in Play In Editor mode I use

    "objectPath" : "/Game/VprodProject/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Main.Main:PersistentLevel.Sunlight.LightComponent0"

note : in code you can get the current editor UWorld or game UWorld with either

UWorld* world = UEditorLevelLibrary::GetEditorWorld();


UWorld* world = UEditorLevelLibrary::GetGameWorld();

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That’s very interesting.
What happens to me is that I get the changes in editor if I click on something but not instantly. Maybe there’s a “refresh scene” trigger or something I’m missing.

This does work for me, I can get the Remote Control API working in Editor and in PIE Mode. But I can’t send any requests when I’m in Standalone Mode or when I package the game. Is there a different suffix for standalone or does the Remote Control API only work with the Editor?