Web Remote Control not executing everything


Beforehand, I do not use 4.23.previewX, I am on 4.23.0, but I just could select that I use preview version.

I am testing the new Web Remote Control which comes with the new version 4.23.0
Everything from Quick Start is working so far.
Now I want to start another map per web request.
I created an BP Actor and in this actor a function “test”. In this function I call the funktion to open a map. After that I call print string.
Now if I make a web request and call my function “test” the map does not load but the print string works.
But why does the map not load.
If I call the function “test” from event begin play the map loads, so everything with the “test” function seems to be ok but if I call it per remote, like I said, just the print string was executed.

If I call the request in editor mode I can see that the executing chain is working. The white wires all turn for a second orange and it looks like all nodes where executed but they do not, like descripted.

No, I have not pursued this further

Did you find a solution ? I’ve a similar problem but i didn’t figured out how to update my blueprint in PIE mode.