Web remote control "No Preset Available"

I have create a web control preset with the path “/Game/mypreset”, it works fine when under Editor mode, but shows “No Preset Available” when I run the project in standalone mode. Could anyone help me to make preset work under standalone mode?

I hope there is an update on this.

Same here, i bypass this with actor blueprint direct. because Remote Controler at not present in standalone.

"ActivePreset": {
    "Name": "None",
    "ID": "",
    "Path": "None"

Hi Pasko,
Can you please elaborate more on how did you manage to fix it? I don’t seem to understand how can i add the remote control preset in an actor.

i place an actor on level and i call PUT with this value :
“objectPath” : “/Game/Maps/Main.Main:PersistentLevel.BP_Actor_C_1”,
“functionName” : “WC_Licence”,
“Parameters”: {
“generateTransaction” : true