Web Remote Control issues

Trying to make a small web based remote control to controlling the contents for a giant LED wall using the remote control plug.

<insert lots of ranting>

While I reasonably versed in the intricacies of CORS and cross browsers contraptions… I’m not able to get it to work in Chrome at all, not sure what exactly but the header that returns from the preflight seem a bit off… but for now I’ll leave that and use use curl in PHP as a proxy to make the PUT requests… works fine. (But if anyone has a working javascript example please let me know)

  1. What’s not fine is that while the values change in the UI it’s not reflected in the scene until a play/stop cycle.

  2. And when I try to modify values during playmode I apparently have to inserts “UEDPIE_0_” somewhere in the the paths… which is just simply undocumented pain.

But as said, the not instantly updating of the scene, neither in edit or platmode, nullifies the whole usefulness of the plugin… so either I’m missing something or holding it wrong?

For any future visitors… this:

  1. UE editor does not update directly when it does not have focus, so when sending cmds from a browser on the same machine if will only update once you click on the UE window

  2. This behavior goes away when you uncheck the ‘use less cpu when in background’ toggle in the UE settings

  3. When in playmode paths change…

objectPath" : "/Game/StarterContent/Maps/Minimal_Default.Minimal_Default:PersistentLevel.SkyLight_2.SkyLightComponent0"


"objectPath" : "/Game/StarterContent/Maps/**UEDPIE_0_**Minimal_Default.Minimal_Default:PersistentLevel.SkyLight_2.SkyLightComponent0"

So if you want to alter things while UE is in playmode add that to the path in the right place.

Aiden Wilson has a couple of videos on working with Unreal Web Remote Control that might be useful reference for others https://youtu.be/p57CXC3vRUo

Would this also be the case when using the Rest interface method as well. I noticed that when using Localhost it is fine but when trying to use a different machine to sent the Get and Put commands it doesn’t change and gives an error. I will look at the You tube video and try the other ideas from your suggestions here thank you.

Unreal docs have gotten much better and have changed a bit since that video.

I’m trying to use this instead Remote Control API HTTP Reference, thanks for the new link I’m using 4.26.2 and will be playing with 4.27 soon