Web Remote Control Documentation

Hi! Trying to follow the documentation for the Web Remote API (…art/index.html) the following command cannot be executed:

as the log returns this message:

I got the same information by calling a function by another method:

if I get all the properties of the object’s component I have the following answer:



these properties I can access using the method proposed in the documentation, for example:



So it really seems that I can’t access the relative rotation by the method exposed in the documentation. Is my procedure incorrect or is the documentation inaccurate?

Obs.: The objectPath I put here is different from the documentation because I am using my own project.;base64

Hey noctuo! Thanks for pointing this out to us. I’ve transferred your feedback to a ticket and passed it along to the rest of the docs team. Let me talk to them and see what we can find out. I’ll ping you with an update once I know more.

Sharp eye, @noctuo – it looks like that RelativeRotation property was made private in 4.25, so it’s no longer accessible through the remote control API.
I’ll update that quick start to use a different property instead.
I think you should be able to call the GetRelativeRotation() function instead.

I’m getting “LogRemoteControl: Error: Web Remote Object Access error: Object property: RelativeRotation could not be resolved on object:”