Web Launcher

Hello everyone.

I have a question that I think is very simple for you.

When you approach an object with my character, press the E key will be written on the screen. When you move away from the object, this text will disappear.

But when the text is on the screen, pressing the E key will open a web page. In other words, the E key will not have a function anywhere in the game.

I tried with a video I watched on youtube but failed.

Will you help me with this problem?

Hmm, is it the part that shows when you get in a certain range, or the button taking you to what appears to be Whatsapp

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There will be a magazine on the table, and when you get close to the magazine it will say Press E to read.

Press E and it will go to a website. When you move away from the table, the text will disappear.

Iā€™m not sure, is there a proximity prompt type thing in Unreal Engine? I know in Roblox Studio there is.