Hello. I would like to know how would I to integrate this on a website.

I know solutions like pureweb or furioos. About furioos there is no people to talk to, so not being able to contact them is unacceptable.
About pureweb they asked me a crazy amount of 8000 € and the max minutes per use, that could be 350 € per month. I can understand the 350 for server renting, but what is 8000€ for? I should provide the .exe so what they should do with it to ask me all that money?

So I’m looking if there is another way to do that. other services, etc… I would do even by myself, but I don’t have the knowledge, so if there is some expert that could make this possible and affordable, it could become my partner considering that is a service that I want to offer to my costumers…