Web games, wordpress and the license


I work at my university and I have to code a little game for a wordpress site. When pressing on a button inside the game, a wordpress-shortcode should be activated. Is that even possible ?
Am I even allowed to use Unreal Engine to do that in terms of license ? This game could be then found on an offical page of my university where everyone can play it.

Hello @User345546056, We’re developing WordPress Online Subsystem API for HTTP (WoOSAH). We do not see any issue with licensing.

Hi, sorry vor the very late answer…
That’s goot to know. Am I allowed to render a scene on the UE4 (or later UE5) and then show the images on a website?

Yes. As long as you own the content. If someone else owns the content you will have to get their permission.

I sent you a pm a few days ago since I didn’t want to bump this topic anymore… ^^"""