Web camera plugin


I had to access the web camera in-engine for one of my projects, so I though I would share it with the community!

I implemented it using directshow, so only windows support for now.

Hopefully it’s useful to someone :slight_smile:
And if you would like to contribute, please do! It still needs multiplatform support, Easy BP support etc.

Best regards,

Some of my projects related to UE4:

GitHub - Temaran/EyeXforUE4: A plugin to enable Tobii EyeX functionality in Unreal Engine 4 (Forked from Tobii. It was moved there from my github :))

Very nice! Thank you for sharing your work!

Np ^^


Temaran, many thanks for camera plugin!

Thanks a lot for sharing this. I realy would love to implement this in my project for typing in VR like here: RiftSketch: Hands, Leap Motions, birds, trees and tweets - YouTube

When I try to open your project file I get this:

I’m using 4.10.4 at the moment. In your installation instructions you point out not to forget to run UE4’s Generate Project Files. Does this mean it has to be a C++ project and that I have to recompile it with visual studio? Or do I have to install the engine from source code?

Sorry for these noob questions but I’m unfamiliar with C++ and really need this plugin up and running. The last plugin I used (ocean plugin) worked without any C++ so I am unsure if this is even necessary here.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Do you have Visual Studio 2015 installed? If you do, then you might not have the right features installed. UE4 requires the C++ part of the install. Click modify on your install and choose to install that optional feature. I can’t remember what it’s called exactly.

This plugin is pretty cool, thanks!

Cool, I got it working. It just had to be a C++ Project. Thanks for this awesome plugin!

Thanks for the plugin, got it compiled using version 4.11. Had to rename an override in WebcameraPluginHUD.h, is now ShowHUD (if I’m correct)
This shouldn’t affect the plugin itself. Runs smoothly using x amount of registered webcams. Was able to catch an internet stream using a virtual cam spawned in vMix or magicCam

Thanks for sharing!

andtheand, how to install it? It`s not working for me. error.jpg

please make simple tutorial how to add web camera video to texture!

@grifgont: you need visiual studio installed with c++ libaries. If you then open the example project from the gitub download it will recompile. But I still have some problems integrating this in my own project which was blueprint only.

Glad to this plugin,but a problem appears in UE4.12

i am glad to find this plugin using directshow to show my web camera,before i hace used opencv plugin to show two web cameras but it can’t show two same web camera at the same time,can show two differ web camera at the same time.
so i find your plugin using direct show,but when want to open ,it appears can’t compile, i opened the project by visual studio ,see some problems i can’t solve.could you help me?
the problems shows like the pic:

Alas! cannot compile for 4.12, deprecated functions

just comment the line with the error and it should compile.
This line is part of the demo, not the plugin, so it’s not important

I am very new to Unreal guys. I am working on a project for work. I need to get this plugin working for HTC VICE. I am getting errors and would not allow me to open the plugin. Not sure what to do. Please Help.


I want to use this with VIVE, I’ll check this plugin today.

I don’t know where is the problem but it can not start VIVE front camera, i test Unreal4AR plugin that plugin could start VIVE front camera is there any solution ?

How can I make it work with 4.13 or later?
Really need help.

It’s working with 4.13