Web Browser Widget Picture Blurry

I added a 3DWidget that contains a web browser, but I found the resolution of the web browser to be very low. I’ve tried to change the Engine Scalability Settings to all Epic / 100%, but it doesn’t make a difference. Does anyone know how to make the resolution better?

Here is the side-by-side comparison - notice the writing starts to become illegible inside Unreal.

In browser:

In Unreal:

Any progress, man?

I was running into this same issue and it is because the Web Browser plugin is outputting its color data in the sRGB format and the Widget/3D Widget is expecting the data in linear RGB. The problem can be fixed by creating a new material to use in the 3D Widget instead of the default Widget3DPassthrough_Masked_OneSided. I have included a screenshot of the material I made to fix the problem. It implements the standard sRGB to linear formula.

Another user was having this same issue here:

Bug Report: