Web browser widget in UMG?

I’ve heard some rumors that 4.8 will support something like a “web view” that we could use within UMG in order to e.g. make an in-game web browser? Can’t seem to find any details about that, could anyone clarify? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we will get information on this with the 4.8 Preview :cool:

As 4.8 Preview is now on GitHub, has anybody been able to find it?

Have not heard of the widget :slight_smile: But I would recommend Blui. Pretty much does exactly what you are wanting + more :slight_smile:


I have discussed Blui with Aaron (its creator), it has massive javascript and rendering performance issues for me. So was wondering if this implementation would be better.

In version 4.8.1 web browser plug-in does not work properly. Stable fall if you put it on the Hud. But it can be used as a basis for writing your plugin without extensions BLUI.

Hey guys,
this post relate to UE 4.8.3 and 4.9 preview
i have tried to package a test project from the starter content (First person example map)to experiment with the web browser widget on a clean project.
it works like a charm in the editor at all modes(simulate/standalone) the problem occurs after packaging when trying to run the level…it crushes on startup with 'fatal error ’ message. i have tried it on 5 different comps and got the same result.
anyone have any experience with this widget in a packaged project?

We tried to use the web browser in 4.9 in our project and found out it crash the engine when trying to play in PIE. After multiple tests I have created an empty C++ project and added web browser widget pointing on on an empty level and found out it crash the engine as well.

It used to work well with 4.8 here.

I created a bug report here:

Can someone here confirm this happens for them too?