Web browser super low fps

So I have been testing the web browser widget and I found out that no matter what I load into it, It’s running at an average of 15 fps when my game is running at a locked 30 fps.

Even in an empty project, I get the same results in shipping and in the editor.
I loaded This link to test with or This link or whatever I load into it really, The performance is terrible compared to the 60 fps I get in any regular browser.

Locking the game fps at 60 gets the browser fps up to 24 instead of 15 and unlocking it and letting the game run wild (at 300+ fps) would get the browser fps up to 40 fps tops which is terrible performance given that the gpu and cpu usage are through the roof when the fps is uncapped like that.

And it doesn’t matter what resolution I am running on or what pc either. I have a core i7, 1080ti 32gb ram machine and I also tested it on my hackintosh and laptop. Same performance and no difference/improvements whatsoever.

Any idea why or how to fix it or make it run better? Or am I stuck with it as is?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Sorry for bumping this old thread- jst saw this, might be too late but just in case this was the issue for anyone else in the future.
If your adding the WebBrowser widget there should be a separate way of setting the FPS you want it to run at manually.

In C++ at least for the SWebBrowser slate widget, there is a parameter called:
“.BrowserFrameRate( FPS_VALUE )”

Perhaps this helps, maybe there is a Blueprint equivalent as well for anyone not working with C++.

Did anyone ever find a solution for this? Currently using UWebBrowser and oh my goodness the FPS is terrible. I’d love to uncap the FPS if possible as I’m planning on using it as my UI layer. Thanks.

I was able to figure out how to override UWebBrowser with a higher frame rate:

		WebBrowserWidget = SNew(SWebBrowser)
			.OnUrlChanged(BIND_UOBJECT_DELEGATE(FOnTextChanged, HandleOnUrlChanged))
			.OnBeforePopup(BIND_UOBJECT_DELEGATE(FOnBeforePopupDelegate, HandleOnBeforePopup))
			.OnConsoleMessage(BIND_UOBJECT_DELEGATE(FOnConsoleMessageDelegate, HandleOnConsoleMessage))

Unfortunately though, the frame rate is still really low. In fact when the browser elements start to move in any way (such as an animation) the frame rate tanks.

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