Web Browser Plugin [UMG]

Web Browser Plugin v1.6
The default web browser widget with extended features like multiple tabs, history, address bar, URL masking etc.

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The above video is a preview of the Web Browser standalone plugin used in our Operating System and Terminal Simulator plugin.
*The Operating System and Terminal Simulator and Draggable and Resizeable Window is not part of this plugin, its just for preview.

Quick intro tutorial to add our web browser as a 3D widget in the game world.


  • Multi Tabs Browsing
  • Back and Forward Navigation
  • Web History
  • Home Page
  • Reload
  • Browse only https pages (optional)
  • White Listing web pages. Visiting non white listed pages will display error Page.
  • Our own implementation of custom web browser object that supports events for documentation load start, load completed and load error (exposed to Blueprints).
  • Each tab is a separate widget that tracks its own history.
  • Browser address bar
  • Create your own custom internal browser URLs. (similar to chrome://chrome-urls)
  • Mask real web URLs with your own custom URLs in game.
  • supports custom html files
  • Navigate to IP address
  • Favicon
  • Fullscreen
  • Initial URL can be changed when creating new browser window
  • Bookmarks saving and loading
  • Support for Localhost and
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Code Modules:

  • InternetBrowserUMG - Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of C++ Classes: 1
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, PS4, VR
Demo Package Build: Widows, Mac, Linux

Use ourDraggable and Resizable Window Plugin](Draggable and Resizable Window [UMG] in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) if you require the Web Browser Widget to be kept inside a window.

**Note. Our Web Browser plugin is dependent on the default Unreal Engine Web Browser Widget (PC: Chromium 59, Mobile: WebKit) which is currently experimental. If there is a specific function that is not working in the default Web Browser Widget from Unreal Engine then it will not work in our Web Browser Plugin however you are free to recompile Chromium.
PURCHASE](Web Browser [UMG] in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)


Quick intro tutorial to add our web browser as a 3D widget in the game world.

Web Browser VR Demo!

v1.1 Updated!

  • Added: Navigate to IP address

v.1.2 Updated!

  • Initial URL can be changed when creating new browser window
  • Added favicon
  • Added fullscreen
  • Fixed Add New Tab in OnBeforePopUp not working

Thank you, I purchased it and have it setup in a project. Well done on your hard work, most impressive =].
Would it be possible to build in a favourites system in a future release, please?

@smudgy67 Thank you, we glad that you are happy with our product. :slight_smile:
Yes we can add a favorite/bookmark system to the browser in a future update.
You can join our Discord Sever to follow us on our updates.

@**YetiTech Studios **Fantastic news for the favourite/bookmark system, thank you very much =]

1.3 Updated
Fixed a potential conflict if our Operating System and Terminal Simulator is also installed.

Do you know how to recompile Chromium to upgrade the built-in web browser widget? If so, would you mind sharing?

We have tried compiling however we faced with some issues with libsef.dll.

I really wish Epic would update it. The plugin hasn’t been updated since 4.10!

It appears web browser plugin that this is based off of is not working on the Oculus Quest 2. I have tried with 4.25 and 4.26 but get just a black screen

We have tested our web browser plugin on Oculus Rift which works. Our plugin is only extended features based of the web browser from Unreal Engine. Any issues directly relating to the web browser by Unreal Engine we recommend reporting it directly on the UE4 AnswerHub.

Hello! I tried building a fresh project with iOS and it crashes? Does this really support iOS or not? If yes, could you please explain what are the best ways to use the browser plugin relation to iOS? Many thanks! Also, quick question, if the mobile uses webkit, is there any chance of getting it to run live streams? If not, would you have any recommendations on how to make that work?

Without more information we cannot determine what you have done to cause the engine to crash, check if the default web browser from unreal engine is crashing. Our Web Browser plugin is an extended version of the default Web Browser from Unreal Engine. Test using the default web browser from engine, if it doesn’t work it will not work with our plugin.

What sort of information do you need? And also, I understand you are extending the official plugin but why are you mentioning in your plugin platform supported that you support iOS? If you say you support iOS then it should work out of the box with iOS … Even if it is an extension, if you say something you better own it. Sadly if you can’t help me unblock iOS, I will need a refund …

Our web browser is based of the web browser from unreal engine which is supported by iOS and Epic does not accept our product updates if our product crashes, Epic goes through a quality check on their side to make sure that our products are working on the platforms that we have specified for. It is better if you continue this conversation on our Discord Server as our dev team is there as well as other members who have also purchased our products.

Browser widget doesnt seem to work on mobile vr (Quest / Quest 2), hope this is solved soon.

Great Plugin!

  1. Will you add features like…s-js-interface to send and receive data between page and game

  2. I see upload file to web page works but how to download file from page? if I have a button on page to download the file.