Web Browser plugin and Twitch streams

I have posted on the forums but couldn’t get an answer so i’m posting my question here.

I’m using the web browser plugin trying to display Twitch streams inside the engine but not being successful don’t know if it’s not really supported or i’m doing something wrong.

i can display the twitch main page but no streams are loaded, i know they use h264 and believe this could be the culprit and wanted to know if h264 is supported in the web browser plugin and if it’s not support i wanted to know if it’s in the near future road map as this is a major part of the project that i am developing and i have to use the embedded html player from Twitch.

Thanks in advance,

It seems that you guys might have missed my question due to the holidays do you mind taking a look and tell me how should i proceed? because being able to do this is a major part of the project.

Isn’t there really no one that can answer me this?