Web Browser doesn't work with Epic's own website

When trying to access using UE4’s Web Browser widget:

  1. Can’t sign in to Epic account (“It seems you are trying to send request twice.”)
  2. Clicking Marketplace -> Browse does nothing
  3. In Learning & Support -> Online Learning, choosing a course and clicking “Start Course” does nothing

…plus I’m sure many other problems.

Epic, can we please get an update/fix to the Web Browser??

I was under the impression that the feature came in from a user who creared it and pushed it, but it has been discontinued. I remeber reading something similar on it.

The problem is probably whatever engine is currently in vogue for html. Trident, ktml, gecko, presto. Etc.
On top of that the website makes heavy use of Javascript. And you would probably need an open ssl protocol to have the account login work.

the base idea behind it was to allow users to use HTML+css (pre flex I believe) to create quick informational pages, books, and other gameplay items.

Think of it this way. If you wanted to recreate GTA5’s phone browser in widget you would spend about a week or more. Making updates would take forever (on the plus side buy buttons would be easier…)
if you allow for HTML/CSS the same process takes a professional about a day if even. Adding stuff becomes trivial. And you can also have it work Online by publishing the pages to a website (except the buy buttons, that I’m not sure).

If epic were to support it/updare it, that would be great. However I honestly doubt it since the use of the feature is so niche…

Good luck with that…:eek: There’s something rotten with Epic’s website even just using a regular web browser. So my guess is the problem is related to the website itself. One of my rigs likes to reboot randomly (Asus :mad:). Afterwards I get that very same error ^ above ^ trying to log-back-in using Firefox. I have to coerce the page and repeatedly re-load it. After that I can’t even click on the log-in button half the time (either it stays disabled or just keeps showing a spinning circular blue anim). If I then click on ‘problems logging in’ it produces the error below. So it looks like some kind of JS race-condition or its Cookies related…


Lately the UE4 forums are crawling anyway, WTF? Epic also force a 3rdParty security / lab service for captchas, so that’s another point of failure right there! Overall I mostly just browse the forums logged out now (without JS or Cookies) and don’t bother to log-in anymore. One positive aspect of that is that the Answer-Hub seems to actually work better this way. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, there’s almost no point logging in to post anymore. Hardly anyone ever answers or follows up or says thanks. And Epic themselves? They’d rather you share your info with google by filling out lame forms like this than actually interacting on here anymore. :rolleyes:

We’d second the request for a more functional browser. I’d have expected it to be able to open Microsoft Office online and display a PPT for example however that doesn’t work with the stock Epic browser plugin. I don’t expect this to be needed for gaming use case however in Enterprise this would be very useful functionality.

I tried using the webbrowser plugin years ago and even back then it had issues like looking washed out and not showing colors properly.

Odd how it’s been neglected as you’d think it would be a really useful to have a working browser with widgets for games and apps that need to show web content. Really deserves a proper update and made more functional for UE5.

I agree, it has a lot of potential, and right now I’m attempting to use it to code UI in Javascript/CSS/HTML instead of UMG. It’s been “experimental” since 4.10…is it just abandoned like Light Propagation Volumes and others?

Politely bumping this, just to add my voice: it would be amazing to have a working up to date UMG browser.
I’m currently making a bit of research to understand what it would take to make my own cef based browser, but it’s very frightening at the moment.
Now that UE4 is opening to web technos for enterprises with a nice rest api, etc, it would certainly be the right moment to propose a state of the art web browser widget in umg :slight_smile: