Web Browser Chromium update

The Web Browser widget still uses Chromium 59, which is more than 2.5 years old. Can it please be updated to a more recent version? Or is it straightforward to upgrade it in my own source build?

Engine/Source/ThirdParty/CEF3/ appears to contain the Chromium Embedded Framework binaries and source, but I assume it’s not as simple as just dropping in the latest from the CEF repository?

Do you update cef3 success? I also want to Update Cef3

No, sorry, haven’t even tried because I don’t know what to do

It’s a experimental feature that I dream to be able to see soon since… how many years? I’m waiting to see ue4 and web together since day 1. There are some workarounds but ■■■■… wouldn’t be beautiful to see it fully supported and updated?

Yes it’s been “experimental” since 4.10. Epic, is this ever going to be “finished”?

anybody succeed?``````````````

I haven’t heard anything.

Does anyone from Epic read these forums??

They read, but they don’t reply when they can’t provide an answer :wink:

Most likely CEF support is abandoned and might be removed in future - like Unity did, removing it together within-editor Asset Store tab. Because it is a not very performant software :wink:

bump for 2021, it’s been done before in BLU plugin. We’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with this

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Bump again and 2022 it’s coming. I’m looking into what will happend with UE5 when finally releases.

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bump 2022
chromium57 was released in 2017, 5 years ago. We need update!!!

there is a repo with CEF updated to 84, which was released in 2019.

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GitHub -

“WebJSFunction.h(1): error : Duplicate leaf header name found”

It didn’t compile.
Do you know how to compile in UE5?

UE5’s official plugin WebBrowser is Chromium84, no need third-party plugin

Unfortunately, the version Epic uses in UE5 has a nasty bug. If you set static bool bCEFGPUAcceleration = true; in CEFBrowserApp.cpp to false then transparency does not work. The flag is there to make the browser run via the CPU which runs much much faster. Would not be bad if Epic could take a slightly newer version (85,86) or a current one so that the bug is gone. The CEF team fixed the bug years ago.

Why is the browser not updated regularly? On consoles, this is actually necessary for security reasons.


We’ve been trying to integrate it with Shotgrid and other systems and it seems like it’s not compatible with such an old version of Chromium. Is there a way to upgrade this on our own without a full engine rebuild, like replacing the dlls for Chromium?