Web-based version of Collab Viewer template?

Hi, I’ve come across the Collab Viewer template which looks nearly perfect for the arch-vis viewer we’d like to produce. Unfortunately a lot of our practice’s clients would be unlikely to install an EXE package on their own company computers due to security issues, etc. Can the Template be converted easily to work via a web-browser instead? So packaged for HTML5 instead? And if so, how would the hosting / joining a session work? That would be a lot more palatable for the people we’d like to use it.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Hi Derek, I am going to revive this post because I have the exact same question. I am working to implement this with a design consultancy and they are asking the same question.

Did you find any answers outside of this?

Sorry, just spotted this! Nope, no further ahead at the minute.