Weather System

Hello Community,

currently i’m working on a dynamic weather system (currently normal and snowy)
but i have a problem. Someone knows how to edit the materialinstance of
landscape and foliage at runtime with blueprint or levelblueprint?

hope someone can help.

greet DarkSoe

In this video you can see how you can change the roughness of your landscape material: (its in german but you will understand it) -> that’s how you change params in your material :slight_smile:

Thank you, i’m native german speaker, i will understand it :wink:

Edit: Okay, now i will make some of my work again and much easyer :slight_smile: Thanks, was very helpfull.

So, now the basic system is finished. here is a video how far i am.

Tanks again for the information.

:wink: Then the video is perfect for you.

Looks pretty cool. I just have one little suggestion. Add a skylight into your level to get rid of those black shadows (disable “cast shadow” in the properties of the skylight) :slight_smile:

Tank you…

On PC it looks much brighter, Fraps makes Videos darker and youtube too -.-
There is a light, the Sun :smiley: with Fully Day-Night Cycle and Moon.