Weather interpolation system showcase

I thought some of you may like to checkout the weather system that i’ve been working the last few weeks:

Game update: Steam :: Subsistence :: Update Details (22nd July 2018) - Dynamic Weather and a lot more!

Gameplay of a storm rolling in:

I used pure US in the end rather than matinee as I’m a little more comfortable with it, and it gave me more control (at least within my understanding of how matinee works).

Getting the rain to show ourdoors, while the player is indoors was tricky. I ended up switching the rain particle material to one which uses pixel depth to hide the close rain-drops. It’s not perfect but works well enough.

I think it looks really good.Have done similar in kismet but yours is better.(probably less taxing too).

But seriously, stop raising the bar so much or you will be banned from the forums :eek:

yeah,what he said.

NICE, very nice. I like what you did, looks awesome.