WeaponX plugin

Guys, I’m planning to write a plugin for UE4 which will reduce implementing any weapon functionality to basically drag&drop activities.
What I mean by that is:
You’d have a window in which you will drop a weapon model, animations (if any), particles effect for muzzleflash, projectiles etc. There would be options to specify other properties like projectiles speed, damage_radius_check, sounds and everything really what’s needed to create fully functional weapon for FPS. You would then press a button and all the functionality would be made for you ready in C++ files. That’s it. No more going to code digging in the search for a variable, etc etc. Everything you would have in one, neatly designed window. You’d drag and drop, tick checkboxes, tick radiobuttons etc, but the idea is that you’d never have to manually code from scratch a weapon for FPS. Unless you need some none standard functionality. Then of course you need to go to the file, but then again, this file with all the standard functionality would be created for you, so you just doing the extras.

What are your thoughts on that? Would you be interested in such plugin?

Thank you.

i would be very interested in that!

If you could access the weapon settings from within blueprints and it worked with third person shooters (don’t see why not?), I would be interested. Wish I understood c++ but sadly i don’t have the time to learn it. At the moment. Lol. Good luck though!

Sounds perfect for artists and non programmers, look forward to seeing updates.

Yes I could also see the potential here for less technical types and hell even the technical types who could be putting their skills to better use over that of constantly having to write up new weapon templates :smiley:

So you have my 1+ vote for this plugin, though I would just like to suggest that it would be an interesting improvement if you were to expand this plugin to include basic item archetype creation for items such as pickups, consumables, ammo/attachments, etc.

I would also suggest that you take a look at UE4’s Excel/CVS to CurveTables & DataTabes as a potential way to expand post-creation & export capabilities of your plugin for use by game designers, technical artists, animators, etc. to easily tweak + extend the capabilities of a weapon without needing to jump into the code for a basic tweak of a weapons variables.

DRIVING GAMEPLAY WITH DATA FROM EXCEL: Driving Gameplay with Data from Excel - Unreal Engine

If in blueprints I would be interested, especially if multiplayer was available. As it stands most of these options are easy to find in the shooter game already available which sadly is just c++. Also you would be competing with one done in blueprints (which most of us prefer) already on the marketplace. Another one called fire weapons hopefully will be coming to the marketplace as well but doesn’t have multiplayer, but looks the most polished imo. Make a fully functional drag and drop template that we could create an entire game in and you would have a winner.

+1 for multiplayer along with traces & not just projectiles

Everything what you can do with C++ but better, because there will be literally no programming involved for the user of this plugin

Hi, thank you all of you guys for your replies and feedback. All taken on board.
Will update you about the progress.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for you reply.
I’m not familiar with the one in blueprints, but from what I can gather user of it would still have to go and manually change some “things” whilst browsing blueprint’s web. I believe that my solution would be much, much easier to use because it will be in form of a window in which you either have to drag&drop items or simply tick boxes or enter suitable values like for example projectile speed etc.
With my solution it really doesn’t matter if you can program or not, if you know blueprints or not. Or you need to be capable is to drag&drop your models and suitable animations and feel/tick few boxes. That’s the beauty of that solution. But of course if someone prefers blueprints to dialog boxes/windows then sure they should go with what suits them.
This plugin is meant to remove the repetitiveness of creating weapons in UE4 and create pure (UE4)C++.
I am myself a programmer. I love programming. I really love C++. I’d like to use my knowledge to be able to create something which would help others to make their lives easier and more productive.

So you have my 1+ vote for this plugin, though I would just like to suggest that it would be an interesting improvement if you were to expand this plugin to include basic item archetype creation for items such as pickups, consumables, ammo/attachments, etc.


Yep, had that in mind too :wink:

That sounds great initially, but my issue would be with editing it further, would that be an issue on a blueprint based project? Could this be applied to someone using the fps blueprint template for example? All in all though if it has multiplayer support and does everything you say I’m sure you would have a very profitable kit on your hands. Will be keeping an eye on your progress.

I don’t think that having my plugin operating within blueprint project would be an issue, but I’d have to investigate it further before I can give definitive (and correct :wink: answer.

ill be vere interested !!
its awesome man … plugin for weapons?? wow

Also I’d like to edit a table of the weapons if possible, for example I might need to edit the HS multiplier of all sniper rifles.

Hi guys,
Major update on upcoming WeaponX project:

Now that I’ve almost finished my game with UDK, you can check it at www.insaneinsects.com and have actual time to spend on WeaponX project, here is what it’s gonna be and why:

After checking UE4 plugins system I’ve decided to take the route of developing completely stand alone application, like for example Allegorithmic with their products, with the difference that to use WeaponX you will not need any plugin installed. Reasons for choosing standalone application:

  1. It will be completely independent from both UE4 and UE4 plugin system. What it means? This mean that doesn’t matter how many changes there will be in UE4 internals, WeaponX will always be working, and you as a user will never have problems with it being incompatible with a certain version of UE4.
  2. By choosing the route of stand alone application you (and I) will get much, much more freedom and power of what you can do with it (details will follow in next few weeks)

I’d like some feedback from you guys, mainly what would you like to see in WeaponX, that is, what would you like it to be able to do, apart from those features I’ve listed in my first post in this thread.
Thank you.

I liked your page

The dragonfly holding the gun is very funny. lol

You could make a Deadmath, CTF with intelligent insects and aliens in giant gardens
Sometimes I have a strong desire in back to UDK.

WeaponX is exactly what I need.

Some suggestions:
I’ll be able with WeaponX to customize the weapon mesh, type (firing, gravity gun, granades or melee weapon), projectile efx, particles, phys and sound effects, damage type and phys applied, impulse, camera shake, dynamic crosshair, smoothed scope zoom for TPS or FPS, homing projectiles, weapon pick up, weapon dropping, weapon selector/switching, one/two handed interchangeable, primary and secondary weapon, configurable accuracy, loading time, health, weight, overheating, configurable ammo pick up, simple HUD (weapon type/class/name/power, weapon selector, ammo amount, weapon overheating, health, and enemy damage amount)?

all able to be accessed via blueprint for easy implementation alongside other systems

Would be much to suggest floating combat text option?

About standalone application
My question is, if WeaponX is going to be an independent application, will not be difficult and problematic to implement this within third party projects and subsystems, like Unreal Engine using blueprint basically, all inside the Unreal Editor: UMG Widget; blueprinted stats systems; pawn id and casting; raycast; projectile configuration and phys; inventory; replication; save systems; sound efx; LOD, particles efx and animation…?


Hi, Thank you for your reply.
I’m really glad you like that dragonfly. He is my favorite from all the predators available.

Yes, yes, and yes. All of this (and more) will be available in WeaponX.

Just because it will be standalone application it will be easier to do all those things you’ve listed than it would be if it was a plugin. Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed.

Once again, thank you for your comment.

I’m really curious about how a standalone app is going to interface with Unreal like this.

Me too.

The only thing I can imagine is,

You will use a front end to tick your boxes etc… put your custom config in, and then hit a generate button and this will generate C++ files in a UE4 readable format that you move into your content directory that UE4 picks up on. If that is the case that sounds great but not sure if it would work like that. If this is the case… You could easily do this for Blueprints, As i know you can copy code into a BP and it will work that way.

to confirm how this system would interface with UE4?