Weapons submission, physics asset needed?

Hey guys, i am planning to release iron age weapon pack (swords, shields, etc) and i am wondering if physics assets are required for each item? By default they have collision submited, but as far as i understand collision mesh is not enough for UE4 to have that mesh collide / become ragdoll if droped for example? I know that all skeletal meshes require physics asset, but not sure if that is also required for props and weapons that are not animated or skinned.

Any input is appretiated .

Please someone with input, would like to get that answered before submitting asset.

I can only say, if u do the physics components on your asset, you increase your sales. Be unique and you will have success.
Also as I can see, it will be your first pack, check out the marketplace guidelines, you will find the answers.

It is actually not my first package, i get that including physics asset can make customers more satisfied, but the thing is its quite a large package and i am not even sure if there is any gain to it additional to the use of collision that is already applied on assets anyways.

Hi janpec,

We do require that all skeletal meshes include a physics assets, even if that asset is meant to be used as a prop or weapon. They need to simulate relatively well and with physics bodies that together will cover the entire mesh. There is a couple of reasons for this:

  • Some buyers prefer to use the physics assets for ragdoll collisions and overlaps. So yes, this helps with customer satisfaction.
  • The physics asset is also used to calculate lighting data (mostly for shadows) in some situations.

If you have any other questions on this, please let me know.


Thanks for official input. I guess that answers it.

Hello TJ,

Looks like i have the same question to ask, as you clarified in answer is that all skeletal assets require Phat actors, but my weapons (swords) are not skeletal actors (not rigged) so therefore its not possible to apply Phat on them.
Technically i dont see reason why weapon should be animated, since only character should be animated with proper swings and weapons shouldnt have any bones as its solid form, are my assumptions correct, thus i dont need to worry about Phat?


That is correct. If you want to make your weapons static meshes instead (or include static mesh versions as a bonus), they don’t need physics assets.

Please keep in mind that weapons with moving parts are expected to be skeletal meshes though. For example: Flail, guns, crossbows, etc.These types of weapons generally include a working physics asset and animations if needed.


Understood, thank you again for answering. I would just have one last question if you dont mind, i only just now figured out that most of my weapons have pivots that are positioned in middle of weapon, is for swords required that pivot is positioned at handle of sword? I am not sure if that has direct relation to when for example swing animation on character is played will sword by default follow animation correctly no matter of pivot positioning, or does pivot always have to be positioned where the grip is. For spears it should be fine with middle positioned pivot but not sure with swords.

Image attached bellow:

Bumping thread for visibility.

Having the pivot located on the handle is ideal because it make things easier for the buyer to setup; however, this is something that can be adjusted after the fact so we generally don’t fail a review for it.