Weapons Skins (Multiplayer FPS)

Hello, I’m creating a multiplayer fps game, it’s almost finished but very few things are missing. One of these things are the weapon skins, which are in many games, but the problem is that I don’t know how to put any skin in any specific weapon. I have created a menu where you can choose which skins to buy, but I would like that when you select the skin, it automatically goes into all the weapons.

I use a blueprint called “BP Weapon Base” containing all the information of the weapons, and there are the weapons (primary and secondary) that are in separate blueprints, for example: “BP_Rifle” which are the main weapons in which the player chooses to play. (Sorry for the bad english)

I think you need to change the texture of the material. You could probably use “CreateDynamicMaterialInstance” if you change it its BP when the Gun is being created.

Here’s a link explaining how to use it:

hey bro can u tell me how did u created that menu in which we can buy skin u cn apply that skin using a save sustem it save sin menu and load when begin play