Weapons Help

why no
I downloaded pulled the gun here?

FBX Files Download and not here plz help

here p90

Your P90 is a static mesh file. You have two options:

import it again as skeletal mesh
or add static mesh component to your blueprint instead of the skeletal mesh component


ok thanks help :slight_smile: done

It would be a bit of trouble: P

when he hands you a gun so I want to make a loan, moving the gun from his hand
and pressed Ctrl + Z to bring it back to you I can do that properly you put your hand on your gun?

I take it it english isnt your first language. I’m sorry none of that makes sense. All I can help youw ith the Ctrl+Z event is to add an input action and some transforms maybe? Dunno what your trying to acheive.

Do you have pictures of what you have so far?

Could you do me a tutorials that should be taken into the hand of man has a gun in my view, which I could not go out or the weapon from his hand
and then I need to add the character Sockets gun and then I set off again, and then again slip into the arms of the character, and I do not see anywhere where it is, because it is not in his hands again

Be kind enough to do such a small video: P
I pray you: P
or picture is good, that he must do to keep your weapon into the hands :slight_smile:
not to slip out of … :slight_smile:

Thanks help me :slight_smile: or :frowning:

I dont know if there is a rule or not but i would suggest that you ask in your native language along with your translation, maybe someone will speak the same language. It is unclear what you are trying to ask.

[Hungarian] Language

Kellene Egy tutorial
hogy kell kezébe tenni a fegyvert a karakternek pedig néztem videot hogy kell csinálni és nem sikerül
mert van olyan amikor kezébe teszem a fegyvert és el csúszik , és nem látom hogy hol van a fegyver amit be tetem a kezébe,
és mint ha ki ment volna a szerkeszö felületböl és ilyenkor van hogy Ctrl + Z gombot kell nyomnom és akkor újbol beteszm a kezébe és (el csúszik a fegyver)

És akkor újbol a Karakternek be teszem a (Sockets) (és Fegyvert amit csináltam vagy Le töltötem)
Nem lehetne egy Kis Video Tutorials vagy Képet hogy csináljam

Sorry No English :slight_smile:

http://www.megafileupload.com/6cji/ue4_weapons.rar ---- >>>Other pictures here
here is what I did
only pictures
Be kind enough to look good doing it

done waeapons ?