Weapons for Epic's Animation Starter Pack?

Has any weapons and animation pack(s) been released that work seamlessly with Epic’s Animation Starter Pack?


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

Epic’s Animation Starter Pack is made for default UE4 character skeleton. If you wish to use weapon with this animation, then just import any weapon you want, attach it to hand socket/bone and relocate to fit. This animation pack supports only character. This also probably should work with MIXAMO character pack, it comes with additional animations. UE4 has also a feature to resign animation for desired skeleton.

I’ve read somewhere that the Mixamo characters will not work with the Animation Starter Pack due to the skeleton layout. Well there are skeleton animations for the firing of each weapon, so I was wondering if there’s a weapon pack with animations that takes that into account as well…

Hi AdamZ, which weapon pack are you currently using, and what issues are you coming across?

Animation as data is just transform information assigned to a given naming convention and to make use of the data on a different rig the data only needs to be re-targeted to a different bone.

Pelvis => Hip

From what I understand this is a planned update but what would be nice is if the FBX source was also included as part of the asset to maintain the source tree as well re-targeted with apps like Motion Builder.

Im not using any. I was wondering if there was a weapon pack that works seamlessly with the animation starter pack.

The current packs from Adia Entertainment (Military Weapons Silver/Dark and Prototype Weapons) do not work without issues with the animation starter pack and those are the only weapon packs as of now. I like the weapons, they are high quality, but I wished the would work with Epic’s Animation Starter Pack…

Thanks for this! it was on my to buy list but I will wait now to see if they will update or solve the issues…

I decide to buy the Military Weapons Silver pack anyway and hoped they did an update on this asset but it still has the same problems :frowning: you don’t get it to work out of the box…

I am trying to use the Weapons with a character from Mixamo’s Animation Pack.

I created a socket, attached Adia pistol, works great in preview.

Attach the mesh in level blueprint and it works, but somehow it messes up the controls?

Like walking forward gets all wonky if weapon attached?

Anyone else experience issues like this? Very strange…

To be clear - the issue only occurs with the Mixamo asset - If I add socket to Epic HeroTPP the Adia pistol works as expected.

UPDATE: This is can be fixed by removing the physics asset on the weapon…

How does the Military Weapons Silver Pack look and sound? I cannot find a video anywhere.

Well it’s not really the weapon that’s the problem as to using it with a given character but rather the lack of a wrapper (blueprint?) that makes it easy to adjust the weapon as an object relative to the contact points.

The Shooter example is a good starting point as it does use a weapons BP that contains all of the functions expected of the weapon as to use, like amount of ammo, number of clips, amount of damage. It’s the weapon BP that does everything and the mesh can be anything you wish from an awesome looking M4 to a broom stick. :wink: