Weapons assets are missing in starter content UE 5.0.3

I’m currently going throught Animation Ecosystem for Game Development course (Animation Ecosystem for Game Development | Course). In course author created project with starter content and starter content contains weapons folder, but when i add starter content to project, weapons folder is missing. Maybe someone know what happen with weapons in starter content, i especially interested in shotgun on screenshot

I was having the same issue still trying to figure out how to get that shogun in unreal again

Hey there @vipe4ka-visko4ka and @nitish2101! I’d like to welcome both of you to the community!

So to start, that project does have project files you have to get and then create the project from that template. After that you will see it in the weapons folder.

Thank you a lot!

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Where did you find the Weapons Folder for the Starter Content? When I check load Starter Content in ue5 when starting a new project it does not contain the Weapons folder.

Hey there @Strafer001! Welcome to the community! The content itself is not inside the starter content for fresh projects, only the tutorial project provided at the link above. Are you generating the Animation Ecosystem tutorial project?

I am not generating the Animation Ecosystem tutorial project. I am just using Unreal Engine independently. I have the Weapons folder in Unreal Editor 4.XX but not in Unreal Engine 5.0. Not sure why it isn’t available. Is there a way to transfer the Weapons folder from 4.XX to 5.0.3? Thanks

Starter content changed drastically from 4 to 5 so any extra content would have to be ported forward.

So you can take an existing project that has the content in it, and open it in the version you want to port it to, this will ask you if you want to make a copy or just upgrade the project, select make a copy and it will make a duplicate version of that project and move it up to 5.03, from there you would right click the asset you’d like to move, select Asset Actions → Migrate, and select it’s related content to be moved to your true target project. (the assets have to go through an upgrade process that can only done by up-versioning a project, which is why we do this before migrating the assets themselves)