Weapons and terrain damage functionality

I may not have noticed if it’s already been done, but I’m looking to get some help figuring out how to use a weapon to deform and destroy terrain or other objects in the game world.

Here’s a short list of concepts:

fire at wall, at an angle: explosion at wall, if wall is small enough explosion on other side of wall, hole in wall from side fired from, cloud of vaporized detritus at impact site, extreme heat along path of vapor trail.

fire along wall: wall melts, extreme heat along vapor trail, extreme heat causes weapon to explode.

fire into wall: wall explodes, extreme heat along vapor trail, large cloud of vaporized detritus at impact site, extreme heat cloud takes longer to dissipate at impact site.

so I’m figuring that I’m going to have to create the pieces that the wall turns into when it explodes, as well as particles and emitters and meshes for the detritus clouds and vapor trails, and then just use math to determine how everything goes down when a plasma cannon creates a vapor trail near a wall or other object.

Is there maybe a tutorial that goes over some of this? I’m working my way through a few already, so if there’s one that I should be looking forward to, I’d like to know.

If there isn’t a tutorial for something like this, is anyone interested in making one? hehe?

The “easy” way is to do what you describe… but it’ll not be a very good result… because… You don’t know where you’ll hit the wall… So the hole in the wall might not be in the right place etc.
but changing models when hit is as I said, the easy way.

What would be more down your alley is Voxels. Volumetric Pixels… with marching cubes applied.
Here’s what that could do:
It’s terrain landscaping, but you get the idea.

It’s not a trivial task, and would require C++.

Here’s a free Voxel library compatible with UE4 -

Voxel terrain in UE4 -