Weapon with burst shot

Hi Guys,
i like to give some wepons on my mod a burst shot mode. But i can’t find a function on my weapon bluprint thats lets shoot the weapon.
My idea to make it was this:
If the burst mode active and you fired the weapon -> give a delay -> Fire weapon -> give delay -> fire -> stop

Can any one say me what is the function on a weapon blueprint to fire the weapon?

Thanks for help.

First you have to enable the option “BPUse Weapon Can Fire”
After implementing the method, you can do something like this to get the 3 bursts and stop

To reset the variables, when you release the fire button, use this method in your Event Graph
Please Note: In the “InputAction Fire”, you have to disable all the checkboxes, or you will be
unable to fire your weapon at all.

After changing the Rifle Time Between Shots to 0.04, check the end result in the video
Hope this helps

Thanks for that, but this have small error, i must hold the fire key. I search a way to klick the fire key and make the burst mode shots.