Weapon trail troubles

Hi all,

I’ve been having some trouble attaching my weapon trail onto the great axe (from the infinity weapon pack). So far, I’ve made the trail and attached it to my weapon from these two great tutorials -

The issue I’m having is that my axe skeletal mesh doesn’t seem to use the trail animation sequence by default. My character blueprint has the heavy axe skeletal blade on as a socket, and I cannot find an option to replace this for the heavy axe weapon sequence which holds the weapon trail. Or even make my skeletal mesh axe use this animation sequence by default.

I think I’m missing something rather simple, if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Here is a further breakdown of the issue -

Skeletal mesh not showing trail, only animation sequence

Trail not working on my Axe

Axe skeletal Socket


Thank you for any help / advice.

Just a quick update, I’ve got the animation playing the effect on attack now, by activating the animation on attack click. Please see screenshot for advice if you are stuck like I was.

Although I cannot seem to increase my animation sequence above its default 0.033 - does anyone know why this could be? Everytime I right click and select set anim state duration and input a number, it just defaults back to 0.033. It’s slightly mind boggling! See below, thanks for any help.