Weapon System

Hello everyone. Recently, I’ve decided to make my own True FPS Project. I’ve successfully designed ADS, AimOffsets etc. But I have no idea how to design the weapon system properly. So here’s basically what I mean:

  • I have a weapon skeletal mesh in the scene
  • then using raycasts I get the info about this object (like reloading anim montage, firerate, ammosize etc)
    I tried to make subclass of SkeletalMeshActor, however it didn’t work. Is there any way to get the Actor class from the SkeletalMeshComponent? Like it belongs to the BP, or let’s say to the Weapon class.

The owner of the component should be the actor you’re looking for.

Would be better to create a subclass of actor itself the skeletal mesh actor, as you may have some items that only need static meshes.

Oh yeah, I finally figured out how to design all this stuff. Thanks, Kris.